Panasonic HPX 500 Cameras with 70x Lens
Control Room with one Multi Screen
Control Room compact version
Video Control 'Bodies In Motion' on Location
Mobile Suite
Digi Playback
and Videos
Santana Control Room Setup
Santana Image Mag LED Display center and Screens

Santana Video Record and Palyback
Directing four cameras IMag for Dishwalla at the
Reno Rib Fest with the Mobile Suite Trailer

Directing four cameras for Foghat in Reno
with the Mobile Suite Trailer
Directing four cameras for The Cure in Honolulu
with the FlyPac

Live Stream
Hot August Nights car aution muticam with the Mobile Suite Trailer, 3 cameras with Jib for live stream and I-Mag

In a unique challenge, I did a 3 camera shoot using our robotic cameras and the Mobile Suite trailer. The 3 camera's were iso recorded to KiPro's, then using FCP multiclip, quickly edited the show together for fast distribution via DVD/BluRay. The entire production was done by myself. One person to do a 3 camera mixed shoot! This is a sample from a few scenes in the show.

This was a 3 camera shoot on Christmas Eve in Reno I directed. Hard Camera with 70x lens, Robotic camera next to it as the wide shot camera then a handheld camera in the front of stage. Using our compact Flypac system to feed 2 screens, left and right of stage center LED fed by a 2nd switcher front of house. All 2nd switcher control and video I fed and received via Tac 12 fiber to front of house.